From "Onanay," Adrian Alandy now in "Kadenang Ginto"

Adrian Alandy, the actor formerly known as Luis Alandy, appeared dazed when we talked to him a week ago during the press presentation of the cast of Kadenang Ginto. And why? He said, he got the surprise of his career when his manager asked him to proceed to ABS-CBN for a go-see for a prospective soap. And he did not knowing that the production company had its sight on him as one of the lead stars.

Kadenang Ginto piloted last Monday, and it seems that the soap his headed right where Dreamscape, the production group at ABS-CBN that crafted the soap, predicted to be – at the top of the ratings game in the afternoon block.

Alandy who has been shuttling between the Kapamilya and Kapuso networks for a variety of projects, the latest of which beforeKadenang Ginto was the advocacy series Onanay in which he played an architect that fell (literally and figuratively) for a little woman named Onay said that he feels more comfortable as he isn’t bound by a contract with a specific network. His role in Onanay gave him just a week’s exposure before his character was killed literally giving him enough time to move to the Kapamilya network for the start of the taping for Kadenang Ginto.

In Kadenang Ginto, he is Carlos, the man two women – Beauty Gonzales(Romina) and Dimples Romana(Daniela) – love at the same time.

Adrian Alandy, Dimples Romana, Beauty Gonzales, and Albert Martinez are your afternoon delight on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold

Adrian Alandy, Dimples Romana, Beauty Gonzales, and Albert Martinez are your afternoon delight on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold

Often cast as a dependable best friend, a doting sister, or a dedicated mother, Dimples Romana made an impact among viewers of Kadenang Gintowith her refreshing turn as a kontrabida.

In the pilot episode of the Kapamilya Gold series, Romana is introduced as Daniela, the lone heiress of the canned fish company of her father Robert (Albert Martinez).

Seeing herself as her father’s second priority after the business, Daniela turns her feeling of neglect into envy, with Robert’s secretary, Romina, as her target.

Aside from noticing her father’s fondness for his employee, Daniela finds further reason to despise Romina. Daniela’s ex-boyfriend, Carlos, whom she still loves, turns out to be Romina’s fiancé.

Alandy has been around for a while. In this series, he’s still able to astonish the audience with his compelling performance as seen during the pilot week.

And it gives him a chance to do some great acting scenes with Martinez who has not seen a day, a week or a month without a TV exposure on either daytime or prime time.  His ability as an actor has been recognized, proof of which is the interminable projects he gets from the Kapamilya network.

“It distracted me from being weighed down by the passing of Liezl (Martinez). When I work, it takes my mind off from thinking about the loss. It’s good,” he said adding that he hasn’t even thought about dating another woman now. “My children will definitely disapprove.”
A formidable line-up of top-billers definitely requires an equally talented roster of supporting cast. Completing the all-star ensemble are Susan Africa, Ronnie Lazaro, Kyle Echarri, Luke Conde, Nikko Natividad, Kim Molina, Adrian Lindayag, Kat Galang, and Ruby Ruiz, with the special participation of seasoned actors Eric Fructuosoand Eula Valdez.
Jerry Lopez Sineneng directs the series produced by the well-renowned and widely acclaimed Dreamscape Entertainment spearheaded by Unit Head Roldeo Endrinal