Watch if you ‘bilib’ 

Learning about science is fun in I-Bilib featuring Curious!

This Sunday, make your morning more exciting with award-winning host Chris Tiu, the wacky duo of James & Rodfil of Moymoy Palaboy, Kapuso cutie Denise Barbacena and one of showbiz’ most beautiful faces, Rhian Ramos!

What will happen to a heap of marshmallows in a jar if all the air was sucked out?

Chris Tiu hosts  I-Bilib

Chris Tiu hosts I-Bilib

Can a rope made of toilet paper hold up one person?

Discover the answers with the help of Street Genius in The Marshmallow Experiment and Toilet Paper Rope Experiment! 

What can make ice stronger and harder to break? Find out in the Hammertime Experiment!

How thick does an object have to be for the strongest magnet in the world to lose its power of attraction?

Learn about it in the Neodymium Magnet And Paper Clip Experiment!

Join James and Roadfill as they have fun while learning with Kapuso stars in the  Bilibabol Cotton Ball Challenge!

For Huling Hirit, Rhian shows us a cute kitchen hack to make Emoji Sandwiches! 

Remember, make your Sunday mornings more exciting and educational with I-Bilib!



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