Spooky I-Bilib

It’s a spooky but science-filled Sunday on the I-Bilib Halloween episode.

Singer-comedienne Denise Barbacena returns to help out Chris Tiu, James and Roadfill transfer a photo onto a candle before you light it up for the “Undas” season.

Chris Tiu hosts  I-Bilib  Sunday mornings on GMA.

Chris Tiu hosts I-Bilib Sunday mornings on GMA.

On a lighter note, they make monster marionettes out of toilet paper cores.

A Pinay paper engineer who will fashion for us a special horror pop-up book is the featured scientist In “Bilibabols.”

A horror pop-up book?

A horror pop-up book?

Marvel at how long a block of ice can withstand the heat and fire of a flame thrower, and see how gas can destroy one of Earth’s hardest substance—pure diamond-- courtesy of the “Street

Lastly, the barkada’s powers of observation will once more be put to the test as Chris shows them a near-silhouette photo of a chair, then makes them guess if the said chair is angled toward the camera or is facing behind.

All these on your favorite science show every Sunday morning on GMA.

Transfer a photo to a candle

Transfer a photo to a candle