Marco Gumabao: Young, hot, and sexy

In Viva Film’s latest outing titled Para Sa Broken Hearted (in theaters since Wednesday), one actor seems to have caught many a male , albeit gay, reporter’s eyes. I was curious who this guy was as a herd of male showbiz reporters/columnists swarmed around him, all waiting to have his photo taken with him with their phone cameras.

Marco Gumabao takes advantage of his good looks and well-built physique to land roles on TV and the movies

Marco Gumabao takes advantage of his good looks and well-built physique to land roles on TV and the movies

Someone whispered to me he was Marco Gumabao, son of actor Dennis Roldan. Looking at him, I saw no trace of Dennis who was once the apple of the eye of many similar showbiz reporters.

Listening in to what he was telling the writers, I gleaned he knew he has become the latest fantasy of many reporters. Yet, that doesn’t bother him, he said, because he knows what he is and he doesn’t need to do anything he would regret later only to advance his interest in show business.

I told myself, “This was a principled young man, and I hoped many more in the business would be like him.

“How does he feel being a lead actor in the movie?” I heard someone close by asked.

The young actor said, “Happy ako, siyempre.” He added, “And at the same time nakaka-pressure kasi movie na ’yan, kailangan paying audience na ang makuha mo. But at the same time ano naman, confident naman kami sa project na binigay sa amin. Maganda naman ’yung movie, so sana magustuhan ng mga tao.”

Another reporter two bodies away from him, asked if he was aware those photos from an underwear brand and his being sexy are the reasons ABS-CBN still gives him assignments even if he is no longer with Star Magic?

Without hesitation, he said, “Well, siguro yes, oo. Because, kung ’yon naman talaga ’yung bebenta sa ’yo then use it ’di  ba? Eh, before nu’ng medyo bata-bata ako, nu’ng chubby ako, talagang ano, medyo malayo pa sa ngayon. So, I guess na malaking tulong rin talaga siya.

Pero at the same time, ayoko naman siyang gamitin all the time para makuha ’yung mga roles. Ayoko naman na makilala lang na, ‘Ay, si Marco Gumabao naghuhubad lang.’ Siyempre, gusto ko makilala na marunong umarte tapos maganda rin ’yung katawan. Bonus na lang ’yung maganda ang katawan.”

Apart from Para sa Broken Hearted is also in ABS-CBN’s Los Bastardos that will soon hit the small screens.

With Marco in Broken Hearted  are Yassi Pressman, Shy Casarlos, Louise Delos Reyes, and Sam Concepcion.

The movie is based on the best-selling book of the same title by Marcelo Santos III and is released nationwide by Viva Films and Sari Sari Films. It is directed by Digo Ricio.

Marco will also be seen in ABS-CBN’s “Los Bastardos”

Marco will also be seen in ABS-CBN’s “Los Bastardos”