Things you learn in I-Bilib
Chris, James & Roadfill with Vaness perofrm an experiment

Chris, James & Roadfill with Vaness perofrm an experiment

Learning about science is fun in I-Bilibfeaturing Street Genius! This Sunday, learn and have fun together with award-winning host Chris Tiu,the wacky duo of James & Rodfilof Moymoy Palaboy, and Kapuso star Vaness Del Moral!

What will happen if a zinc-plated copper bracelet is exposed to the fire?

A Prince Rupert’s Drop is a tadpole-shaped piece of glass… what can shatter it to pieces? 

Discover the amazing answers with the help of Street Genius in the Hot Bracelet Experiment and Prince Rupert’s Drop Experiment!

How much water can paper carry?  Discover the answer in the Water Weight Experiment!

What can cause a t-shirt to show turn blue when exposed to ice?  Find out in the Thermochromic T-Shirt Experiment!

I-Bilibers at the Megavortex

I-Bilibers at the Megavortex

Join James and Roadfill as they have fun with Kapuso stars to make a smoking big toy, The  Bilibabol Megavortex!

For Huling Hirit, Vaness starts off the season if giving by showing us how to make a Pasta Christmas Card! 

Remember, make your Sunday mornings more exciting and educational with I-Bilib!