Erard finally pursuing his dream

Businessman Edharson Roman Quido is a self-made man. He succeeded in making his life comfortable enough for him and his family by engaging in business that he himself built. While he and his family live now in comfort, he is still uneasy as his heart continues to yearn for something he once wanted to do…sing.

Quido, now only known by his nickname, Erard, met members of the press weeks before the annual PMPC Star Awards for Music in which he was nominated in the New Male Recording Artist category for his debut album Walang Forever.

“I am very grateful to the members of PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) for the honor they have given me for my debut album,” he said after he sang the title tune from his album.

While he didn’t win the award last Sunday, he is still very thankful for the nomination. The Star Awards for Music was held at Resorts World Manila with the theme “A Decade of OPM Excellence.”

"Singing has been my lifelong ambition and dream, a passion I would like to share with others. During my younger years, I was given the privilege to sing at church choirs, a few times at weddings and it brought me much joy seeing people appreciatethe simple things I could do for them. Everything seemed to be in harmony and peace,” says Erard

Though he wanted to pursue a career in music, he thought of his family that needed his help. Putting aside his ambition to be a popular singer, he labored day and night to make his and his family’s life prosperous with the hope that, one day, when everything is already in place and he didn’t have to be bothered by family and financial problems he could pursue his first love.

And pursue it he did as he asked his friends to write songs for him as he planned to produce an album.

The result is Walang Forever,  a digital album of six tunes (“Walang Forever,” “Mahal Kita,” “Nag-iisa,” “My Love Is Here,” “Hindi Ka Na Nya Mahal,” and “Patawarin Mo”) all downloadable from Spotify.

Some members of the press asked why he chose ballads as the song form he took up in his debut as a recording artist, to which Erard said, “I like making those who listen to me happy. And ballads make many people happy as they are able to relate to the songs.”

He said, “Music binds people, gives hope, shares joy and eases pain.”

In pursuing his first love, Erard is simply sharing his happiness through music. “With God by my side, I have faith nothing is impossible. I thank my family and friends who believed in my capability and encouraged me. The opportunity granted unto me is a blessing from God and I proudly share it with each other and every one.