Korina Sanchez's secret revealed

THE youthful glow and amazing physique of veteran broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxasis the buzz of the entire nation. 

A svelte and ultra-fit photo of Korina in Vicki Beloand Hayden Kho’s wedding in Paris became an instant worldwide trending topic on social media; people were amazed at her very first mainstream billboard along EDSA with Belo Medical and her consistently well-curated photos uploaded on her official social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram have become an inspiration especially to women her age.

Looking young and slim at any age is really possible.

Many are wondering what Korina’s secret is in looking and feeling young and fit. 

Today, one of Korina’s best kept secrets is finally revealed.    

Essensa Naturale Inc. welcomes Korina to its growing family as the official brand ambassador and formulator of one of its current flagship brands, K BerrySlim Herbal Juice Mix. 

With a combined local and international membership of over 186,000, Essensa Naturale is a direct selling and multi-level marketing company that manufactures and distributes organic, non-toxic, and all-natural health, beauty, personal, household, and agricultural products. The Dutch proverb “prevention is better than cure” inspired the company’s mission and vision in offering consumers quality products that will aid them in having better lives.    

Jam-packed with all-natural ingredients such as Mangosteen, Acai Berry, Garcinia Cambogia, and L-Carnatine, K BerrySlim is a delicious and refreshing dietary supplement that is perfect for weight loss programs. It boosts energy and converts fat into energy, making it the perfect beverage for health conscious and dieting individuals like Korina. 

“I take K BerrySlim on an empty stomach 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast,” says Korina. “It is the perfect partner to my daily workout routines because, aside from the fact that this drink is very filling, it also helps my body burn the fats I consume. I actively participated in designing the formulation. It has to have ingredients that helps burn fat, won't add too much calories, and keeps you young and energetic and is delicious at the same time".

Korina also reveals that K BerrySlim is one of the major reasons why she looks so youthful, fresh, and vibrant. “I’ve been drinking K BerrySlim for quite a while now as a test of the brand and I immediately saw very noticeable results not only in my figure but on how I feel after taking it for 90 days straight. I feel energized and revitalized despite my very hectic and busy schedule,” says Korina. 

With regular exercise, the right diet, and K BerrySlim Korina explains that having an amazing figure and a healthy body is an attainable reality for every person regardless of age, class, and gender. 

“Health is wealth. We should all take care of our bodies and live healthy lives. K BerrySlim is affordable and effective. Drinking it every day is probably one of best investments I ever did for my body,” says Korina. 

For more information on K BerrySlim visit www.esensanaturale.org and like Essensa Naturale Inc. on Facebook.