Zanjoe Marudo and Angelica Panganiban play house

Does love deserve a second chance?


In this day and age where many Filipinos (millenials in particular) are pre-occupied with love, how many of them really think that a second chance at love is better than not having to love again?

This is the gist of the new morning show on ABS-CBN that started last Sept. 17. The show is called Playhouse and stars Zanjoe Marudoand Angelica Panganiban.

The cast of Playhouse at the presscon

The cast of Playhouse at the presscon

The show revolvea around the theme that love is a choice --- it is a person’s will to choose someone repeatedly, but it may also change in an instant. 

This is the story of Patty and Marlon --- two college lovers who will eventually get married. However, their dream of having a long lasting love will be tested by struggles that will eventually lead to their split. The characters are played by Panganiban and Marudo.

After living separately for quite a time, they meet again while Patty files for an annulment to formally separate from Marlon. But just when they think everything is over between them, an tragedy changes their lives forever.

Their friends Emily and Brad meet an accident, leaving their child Robin (Justin James Quilantang) behind.

Patty and Marlon have been designated legal guardian of the child. And they are asked to stay together while taking care of Robin to make sure he gets the love he needs. This gives Marlon the opportunity to patch things up with Patty, despite her constant disapproval.

Will Robin be the key to giving Patty and Marlon a second chance?

Aside from Angelica and Zanjoe, the rising love team of teen stars Kisses Delavin and Donny Pangilinan  are also in the show and add “kilig” moments for their fans. They will play Shiela 

Also playing important roles are Kean Cipriano, AC Bonifacio, Ariella Arida, Dexter Doria, Nadia Montenegro, Ingrid Dela Paz, Jomari Angeles, Malou De Guzman, Smokey Manaloto, and Maxene Magalona..