Emigration and reintegration opportunities

The concerns of the overseas Filipinos in the Middle East and Europe in exploring opportunities in other countries and what awaits in their return in the Philippines were discussed on the first two episodes of The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) public service program “KABAYANi Talks”.

With host Jasmine Romero, subject-matter experts addressed the concerns of the overseas Filipinos regarding emigration, in the first episode of the show that streamed last August 25.

Kabayani Talks host Jasmine Romero

Kabayani Talks host Jasmine Romero

 Chairperson of Australia and New Zealand Association of Employment Providers of the Philippines (ANZAEPP) Edwina Lema Beech first talked about the job opportunities that the overseas Filipinos could explore in Australia and New Zealand.

Aside from sharing the factors to be considered in exploring opportunities in these countries, she reminds overseas Filipinos to be discerning job seekers and check job postings on accredited agencies that can be found on the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) website.

“You have the job opportunity. But like what I said, ingat lang sa mga illegal recruiters, especially 'yong mga third-country recruitment kasi hindi po natin alam ang safety ninyo,” Beech stated.

On the other hand, Ivy Miravalles of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Division Chief for Migrant Integration and Education Division (MIED) discussed how overseas Filipinos could apply for migration in Canada, which she noted is one of the top five countries where Filipinos migrate. 

Miravalles confirmed that many Filipinos who migrated in Canada are living a good life but noted that this did not happen as soon as they moved there, a fact that they discuss in CFO’s Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS).  

“Kailangan may reality check ng konti,” Miravalles pointed out. “Maraming gusto pumunta ng Canada, kaya lang mayro'n pagkakataon na pagdating do'n may nagde-decide na umuwi, bumalik sa Pilipinas, kasi hindi napaghandaan ang kanilang pagtira sa Canada. Maganda po ang Canada, napakaganda. Pero may mga kabaayan tayo do'n na nagsa-struggle rin sila.”

Meantime, the topic of reintegration or the return of the overseas Filipinos in the country was tackled in the second episode of the show which was streamed on Sept. 8. 

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Director IV Vivian Tornea first clarified that reintegration does not automatically mean that a problem has been encountered abroad, it could also be something planned by an overseas Filipino.

The government has reintegration programs to aid overseas Filipinos, but Tornea also encouraged discussing among the family their plan of eventually returning to the country. “Engage your family back home na tumulong sa inyo in terms of savings, in terms of money management, at sana po any time puwede na kayo bumalik dahil na-establish n'yo na ang inyong priorities, ang nais ninyo ma-achieve together with your family,” she said.

Proving that planned reintegration is possible are the show’s guests who were former overseas Filipinos who are now pursuing a successful career here in the Philippines.

First is Lito Soriano who worked before in Saudi Arabia and now owns a recruitment company and two I.T. companies; Fidel Escurel who is a former I.T. professional in Qatar and now is the owner of a successful construction company; and Jun Aguilar who also worked before in Saudi Arabia and is now the Chief of Staff of ACTS OFW Party List Representative John Bertiz.

Romero with guests Fidel Escurel, Lito Soriano, and Jun Aguilar.

Romero with guests Fidel Escurel, Lito Soriano, and Jun Aguilar.

They have different stories to tell but common among them is how they plotted their reintegration plans, something that they encourage every overseas Filipinos to consider.

“Reintegration dapat mandatory iyan sa bawat Pilipino,” Soriano commented. “'Yong konsepto sa OWWA ngayon siguro kailangan pagtulung-tulungan namin na ma-improve para maging mas makabuluhan at masundan nila 'yong tinahak naming landas kung bakit kami masasabing nalampasan ang problema sa pag-reintegrate sa ating bayan.

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