Bugoy's dreams come true

Bugoy’s wish comes true


For a singer who comes from farming village in Camarines Sur, his only dream is to make it big in the big city, and he means not Naga in his province, but in Manila, where anything is possible for someone with a talent in music.

And Bugoy Drillon’s wish is at last coming true!

Wish 107.5 is granting his wish to be featured in a major concert at one of Manila’s popular venues.

After 10 years in the Philippine Music industry, Bugoy Drillion will never forget and in no way will he waiver to fulfill his childhood dream – to perform on stage in a major solo concert. 

Bugoy today is a notable balladeer signed with Star Music and has been making waves both here and abroad for his amazing performances.

Bugoy has an exceptional singing voice that is truly world class. His outstanding rendition of Matishayu’s “One Day” has gone viral, gaining popularity in different parts of the world. 

Seeing him now, nobody would even think that this young balladeer was born in Camarines Sur to an impoverished family. 

As a farmer’s son, making his dreams come true was never easy. He wanted to finish his studies and sing before a big crowd on stage someday. To sustain his studies, he worked as a canteen janitor in a university. Soon a rare opportunity knocked at his door as Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) accepted him as one of its scholars in which he emerged as the 1st runner up.

Bugoy Drilon expressed his gratitude to Wish 107.5 not only because his WISHclusive cover of “One Day” has been getting massive reactions online — he even received invitation from Matisyahu, the song’s original singer, to perform with him in the US.

The American reggae star watched, praised and shared the video of Drilon’s performance on Wish 107.5 on his Facebook page. He wrote “ Wow! This dude knock it out da park!!!!”

Bugoy Drilon received the Silver Wishclusive Elite Circle Award, one of the highest citations in the 2018 Wish Music Awards as his Wishclusive performance of Matisyahu’s “One Day” amassed a total of 38 Million views in December 2017. 

Wish 107.5 gives Wishclusive Elite Circle Awards based on the views garnered by a Wishclusive video in a specified period of time: Bronze- 10M views, Silver- 25M views, Gold- 50M views, Platinum – 75M and Diamond for 100M Views.. As of writing, the ONE DAY wishclusive video of Bugoy has more than 74M views and counting.

Wish 107.5 will be presenting Bugoy: One Day, One Decadeat Kia Theater in Araneta Center, Quezon City on Sept. 25 at 7p.m..  

This marks the realization of Bugoy’s childhood wish to perform on stage in a major solo concert.