Who will be the ‘World’s Best Models’?

Tomorrow, some 30 male and female models across the archipelago will walk the runway for the judges to see if they’re fit to be named “World’s Best Models” from the Philippines .

“World’s Best Models Philippines” intends to produce top image, print, fashion, runway and commercial models. 

Leading to the finals night, a series of activities were held: workshops on Basic and Advanced Modeling, Fashion/Ramp Code of Ethics, Photographic Modeling, Runway, Health and Wellness, and Grooming/Hair and Make-Up; swimwear competition in Punta Riviera, Bolinao, Pangasinan; and photo shoots at several locations. 

Two of the candidates in the World’s Best Model Philippines

Two of the candidates in the World’s Best Model Philippines

The grand finals will be held at p. m. at The Eye, Green Sun Hotel, Makati City, tomorrow, Saturday, with a spectacular show under Robby Carmona as Consulting Director, with Jas Baldoza, Marki de los Santos and Concon Seniel as Co-Directors. 

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Spearheding this unique modeling competition is Prowess Supremacy Production, Incorporated (PSPI), composed of talented individuals with diverse work experiences in the fields of events management, public relations, corporate communications, beauty pageants, and the fashion industry. The Board of Directors is composed of indie film producer and travel executive, Jose Stephen Santos – Chairman; ace fashion designer Edwin Uy– President; banker and former model, Alelyn G. Baldoza– Vice President for Finance; and Fashion Model, Jas Baldoza – Creative Director. 

The young aspirants will strut it out for the crowns as they have a chance to shine in segments: streetwear, swimwear, evening gown and contemporary indigenous inspired-designs. 

“This modeling competition is unique because aside from our objectives of discovering and producing top models, we want to help uplift the fashion and beauty pageant industry by ensuring that they do not forget the importance of preserving our cultural heritage,” admonishes Santos. 

He adds, “We want to help educate them on the importance of intangible cultural heritage because of the wealth of knowledge and skills that is transmitted from one generation to the next. Our entire show will highlight the fusion of Filipino talent and our indigenous-inspired creations, showcasing the rich and colorful blend of Filipino woven fabrics that are uniquely Filipino.” 

The competition will help the tillers of our land and the weavers by providing them income because of the exposure their end products will get from the event. It also serves as a great milestone for the 30 young competitors of the contest, who, through their exposure, will be given bigger work opportunities in the fashion world, a big help for them to realize their dreams for themselves and their families. 

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Part of the evening's net proceeds will be allocated to a group of farmers by the agency responsible for protecting the rights of indigenous peoples that we are working closely with. “After the event on February 9, we intend to have pocket events throughout the year for an awareness campaign and fund-raising to help our farmers and weavers. We will organize talks in the fashion industry to encourage designers and models to promote our indigenous materials.” 

Part of Prowess Supremacy's vision is to strengthen cultural integrity in the fashion world. A visit to NCIP director Rogelio Francisco Bantayan, Jr.was made to seek guidance on how the company can ensure that they are headed towards the right direction.

A production of Prowess Supremacy Production, Inc. and Budget Journey Travel, Inc., “World's Best Model, Second Edition” is presented by Windsor Events Place, Jim Ryan Ros, Ever Bilena, Vandarah Spa Café & Fashion Hub, Montage, Punta Riviera Resort, Vine Aesthetics, Erase and David’s Salon.