Make shopping a lot lighter with DFPC’s Travelite program 

Duty Free Philippines Corporation (DFPC), the country’s only duty and tax-free   travel retailer, gives travellers the convenience to shop through its “Shop-Now-Pick-Later” program.

DFP Travelite logo.jpg

DFPC’s Travelite Program allows Regular Filipino Travelers  (RFT) and Foreign International Travelers (FIT) to shop before they depart and claim the merchandise upon return, making shopping a lot lighter. The program also comes with a percent seven percent discount on major items.  

According to DFPC Chief Operating Officer Vicente Pelagio A. Angala, travelers who have a confirmed departure ticket for an international flight and returning to the country within 30 days are allowed to avail the program. 

 “By “lite” we mean no more extra baggage on the trip and no more excess baggage fees to pay plus we give you a 7 percent  discount,” said Angala. 

 “The purchases made are packed at most 3 days before expected date of return,” Angala added. 

To avail the program, international travellers need to show their return ticket information at participating DFPC departure outlets at Ninoy Aquino International Aiporort (NAIA) Terminal 1, 2, 3, and Mactan Cebu International Airport Pre-departure and Departure Area.