Cristine Reyes: local film’s newest female action star

A fierce-looking Cristine Reyeswith her hair colored fuchsia is what her fans see when they search the movie Maria on line.

Pedring A. Lopez,  or Direk Pedring to his co-workers in the film, did an awesome transformation of Christine, from the sweet and sexy woman she has been playing in previous films and on TV series to a ruthless and unscrupulous woman who will make everything, even kill, to make sure her and family’s life is safe.

Cristine’s look for  Maria

Cristine’s look for Maria

Says direk Pedring, “Mariais the story of a former cartel assassin named Lily who fakes her own death after an unfulfilled mission earning her the wrath of the organization.  She flees to a distant province where she completely transforms her life.  Changing her name to Maria, she meets Bert, a respectable businessman, who becomes her husband.  They have a daughter named Mina.” 

Maria’s peaceful life is cut short when the cartel learns of her whereabouts.  Kaleb, the man whose orders she didn’t follow in the past, tracks her down right inside her home.  Failing to protect her family, she returns to a life of violence with revenge on her mind.

Reyes underwent rigorous training. She was even hurt while shooting a major fight scene, yet she remained undaunted. She even showed the numerous bruises on her arms and legs on her IG account.    

The internationally acclaimed Direk Pedring (Best Director at the Los Angeles Philippine Film Festival and Festival Internacional de Cine Fantastico de Torremolinos for Nilalang) posted on Twitter that Cristine “handles the fights with almost 90% of all her stunts without doubles”, expressing his “respect for her dedication to her craft.”  

Cristine Reyes cut her hair short and dyed it fuchsia for her look in  Maria

Cristine Reyes cut her hair short and dyed it fuchsia for her look in Maria

Mariai s Reyes’ big screen comeback after Abay Babes. In an interview found on Film Combat, the actress says, “It’s definitely the most challenging thing I’ve done in my career. I’m super proud of it…” 

She also narrates how Viva gave her this project. “They felt strongly about the material and thought I’d be a good fit for the role. I guess they figured it would speak to me on many levels – as an actress, as a mother in real life, and as a martial arts enthusiast. And they were correct. I loved the script when I read it.”  

Being a fan of the ‘80s action, Direk Pedring says. “I wanted to bring it back, (but) put it in a modern setting, utilize Filipino martial arts seen in Hollywood movies like theBournefranchise.”

Reyes exalts the director for his vision, saying, “I like his style. He has a vision and he really wants that vision to really happen…You feel that he loves his project. 

”It’s about time to show the world that Filipino filmmakers can also do excellent action films. Even more exciting that these movies are being fronted by strong female characters. The world needs to know that Filipinas also kick butt!” she says.  

All her co-actors agree that they are blown away by Reyes’ performance. The actress concludes, “It’s one heck of an action film but also a terrific drama movie about a mother’s love for her child. It’s a movie for everyone.”

“Maria” also stars Ivan Padilla, KC Montero, Guji Lorenzana, Jennifer Lee, Andrea del Rosario, Cindy Miranda, Freddie Webb and Ronnie Lazaro. Opens in cinemas on March 27. From VIVA Films, BlackOps Studios Asia, and PsyOps.