First Filipina in Winter Universiade

Freelance model and musical theater performer Misha Fabian, a senior student at Ateneo de Manila University makes history as the first Filipino female athlete to participate in the Winter Universiade, the biggest multisport competition in the world next only to the Olympics. 

Freelance model and musical theater performer Misha Fabian is also a figure skatet

Freelance model and musical theater performer Misha Fabian is also a figure skatet

She will compete in Figure Skating as the lone Philippine representative.   

This year’s Winter Universiade will be held in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk of the Russian Federation from March 1 to 12.

The Universiade  ( is the largest sports competition among college and university students worldwide held under the aegis of the International University Sports Federation (FISU). 

Locally, the Universiade is represented by The Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP).

“It’s a tall order to win a figure skating medal especially when I’m competing against the world’s best university athletes where snow and ice are part of their nature.  But I will give the Winter Universiade my best shot to promote my advocacy for girls to finish school while following their dreams” Fabian said.

Fabian played the female lead role in the highly successful run of Ateneo Blue Repertory’s staging of the musical Rent i in 2018.  

She takes a breather from the musical stage to pursue her other passions in sports and in the arts.  

She prepared for her Siberian trip by  training daily both on and off ice and took gym classes for physical conditioning and strengthening.  On the side and in between tasks to finish her college thesis requirements, she takes on modeling assignments and plays an active participation in church youth groups.

After being the poster girl of a popular sports drink’s summer sports program in figures skating for an unprecedented three consecutive years and appearing in The Guardian- UK’s Photo of The Day, Fabian is making history again as the first Filipina in the Winter Universiade. 

“I want to inspire young girls to value good education and strive to obtain a college degree while cultivating their passion in sports and the arts.  It’s tough but girls can do it with beauty and grace.” Fabian said.