Ang Tanging Ina is also Nanay Sabel

You’ve loved her as Ina Montecillo in the 2003 comedy Ang Tanging Ina. Now,Ai-Ai Delas Alas brings back her  Motherly Love in a new comedy about mother and sons in Viva Films’ Sons Of Nanay Sabel.


And, this time, Ai-Ai is Sabel, a former bartender with 6 sons that she left at an orphanage to get married to a Prince. Unfortunately, the Prince finds out about the sons Sabel left at the orphanage. He decides to call off the wedding. 

Sabel then decides to look for her sons and reunite her family once again.

Playing Sabel’s sons are the members of the rap group Ex-Battalion, which AiAi is also managing. This is the film that the comedian told members of the press last year, after the boys signed with her. The comedienne said Viva has plans to put the group along with her in a comedy.

And, at the press conference, AiAi, said proudly, “Ito na yon! May pelikula na ang mga anak ko (This is it! My children are now in a movie).” She refers to the members of Ex-B as her children. And they refer back to her as their Nanay Ai.

AiAi de las Alas with Sheree and members of the Ex-Battalion

AiAi de las Alas with Sheree and members of the Ex-Battalion

But, before the cameras started rolling for this film, AiAi and the Ex-Bs nearly parted ways.

“That’s true,” the comedienne admitted. “Totoo ‘yun na nag-away kami ng isang malaking away (That’s true that we had this big fight). I wanted to resign from being their manager.”

But, it didn’t get that far. The problem between her and the boys was easily resolved.

“They apologized to me. You know, they really say sorry to me when they know they are on the wrong side. I also apologize to them when I feel I have gone overboard or when I have said too much,” AiAi explained.

Now everything is well between the manager and her wards.

In the film, her sons have been left in the care of Sister Mary, who keeps all the details of Sabel’s kids’ foster families and hands them to her when she comes back.

Sabel and her sons experience the riot of living together for the first time, and will form the family bond that Sabel has always dreamed of. But it will soon be tested when the beautiful and flirty Helen (Kylie Versoza) makes the brothers fall in love with her and fight each other for her. 

Aside from their crazy antics, Ex Battalion also has something new for their fans, as they release their new tracks “Sama-Sama”, “Huwag Siya” and “Bagong Umaga” featuring AiAi in the movie. 

Sons of Nanay Sabel opens May 1 in cinemas nationwide.