Radio jock and Ate Guy fan now a recording artist

Yes, many years back, Gari Escobar Gabrinao was a fan of superstar Nora Aunor. Not an ordinary one though, but an ardent admirer. He even titled his radio program on DWLB “Superstar Yan,” as homage to his idol.

Radio jock and Nora Aunor fan Gari Escobar is iike his idol a recording star now

Radio jock and Nora Aunor fan Gari Escobar is iike his idol a recording star now

Now, he’s no longer just a fan. He is also living la vida Nora, because Gari signed with Ivory Music & Video and working on a 12-track album. The single that will promote the album is titled “Baguio” and is now on rotation (three times a day) on Pinas FM and soon on Win Radio and Barangay LS FM.

“Baguio” is an original of the new recording artist in collaboration with a friend. You can download or listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon.

Escpbar wth songwriter Vehnee Satuno

Escpbar wth songwriter Vehnee Satuno

The album’s launch is in June 2019, according to Gari.

Apart from being a recording artist, Gari is actually an independent distributor of products manufactured by 4Life Research, a Utah-based company. 

The products are distributed in the country by 4Life Philippines. Gari is among the Top 3 sales persons.

Being in the top 3 sales persons, he is also the most awarded. In 2015, he was the recipient of 4Life Research’s Silver Dollar Award for being an “exceptional entrepreneur.” Due to this, he was conferred a Doctoral Degree in Humanities by an Asian affiliate of the University of Oklahoma.

Locally, Gari was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines in 2017. He was also elevated to the Hall of Fame.

Gari is also among the most travelled independent distributors of 4Life Philippines.

Nora Aunor has inspired many aspiring singers and among them a radio jock whose voice is now roaring on the radio and other music platforms.