For Korina, Pepe and Pilar are the greatest blessing

Rated Khost Korina Sanchez is a proud mom at 54. It is something that has got eyebrows raising among many Filipinos, like the news that Vicki Belo had a daughter by Hayden Kho.

Couple Korina and Mar Roxas are proud parents of Pepe and Pilar

Couple Korina and Mar Roxas are proud parents of Pepe and Pilar

Yet, for Korina, having children at her age is no longer a novelty. We’ve heard of a 60-year old who had a baby, and a healthy one at that.

Advances in technology and medicine have made all this possible.

Korina, at a lunch she hosted, at her home for members of the press, was effusive about her twins that she considers a “miracle.”

Sanchez said she had “mixed feelings of uncertainty, worry, and anxiety” when the realization of motherhood dawned upon her.

“I felt weird feeling that way. I worry about the future, about everything that could go wrong. I’m told this is normal among many expecting and new mothers. Good to know I’m not weird,” she said.

She continued, “It wasn’t instant with me. The joy crept up and slowly but surely took over. Now, every day is even more joyful than the day before. I’m very hopeful about the future. I have renewed energy. I don’t know how that happens. It’s adrenaline, I suppose?”

Korina became officially a mother with the birth of her twins with her husband, senatorial candidate Mar Roxas, via gestational surrogacy in the United States.

“We couldn’t have chosen one better. She wanted to help us as she had helped another couple in the past. Intelligent, compassionate, kind, and responsible. Being how she is, we felt no reason to micromanage her with food intake or activities. We wanted to respect her privacy and how she would be responsible for the children,” she said describing the surrogate they had to bring forth the babies out to this world. 

She also said that Vicki Belo was helpful as it was the same team that took care of her and the babies.

In a previous interview, Korina revealed her baby boy’s full name as Pepe Ramon Gerardo Manuel Denzel Sanchez Roxas, after her and Mar’s father Ramon and Gerardo, and Hollywood actor Denzel Washington.

The baby girl’s full name is Pilar Judith Celia Ester Korina Sanchez Roxas, named after their mothers Judith and Cecilia. 

Pepe and Pilar came about when Mar and I were toying with names to call the babies. When they were in the womb yet, we would refer to them as Jack and Jill. 

“Nung nalaman namin na kambal at alam na namin lalaki at babae, sabi namin na tawagin nalang nating Jack and Jill,” she said giggling. “When the babies were born, we thought Jack and Jill were too American, so we went with Pepe at Pilar, the Filipino equivalent of Jack and Jill,” Korina said. 

The couple has had their “baby project” for years. 

Pepe and Pilar were born on 12 February, 1 p.m. in Pittsburgh, USA. Pepe was born first at 5.4 lbs. and Pilar came after an hour at 4.10 lbs..

For years the individual careers of Mar and Korina took over their lives and it seemed that their “baby project” would never be realized. But as they say, everything happens in God’s perfect time and the couple believes that this is the perfect season in their lives to have babies.

“Although I’ve always loved children, there was a time I thought it wouldn’t happen anymore. But I hardly accept the word ‘impossible’ just like that. Only then can you be sure you gave it your all. Yes, I prayed. But we did the work God blessed our efforts. Mar is inspired to lead his children to how he defines as a best life,” says an exuberant Korina.  

With the arrival of Pepe and Pilar, the couple felt a mixture of uncertainty, worry, and anxiety which eventually turned into pure joy and the most fulfilling adventure that they are having as a married couple. 

“We weren’t married yet when we both decided to freeze our embryos,” says Korina. “Mar and I were just waiting for the perfect time to start a family.”

Mar and Korina are hopeful to be guided to raise their children properly as responsible, loving, compassionate, and God-fearing individuals. 

 “They ask me what I dream for kids to become later on. I want to guide them in a specific direction. I want to see what they will love and be good at. So, my role really is to get them to develop to the fullest whatever potentials they show. But the most essential is to each be a good person, helpful to people, compassionate, purposeful, God fearing, and inspiring. If you are that, you are happy. Happiness defines success,” says Mar. 

Indeed, the life of Mar and Korina has become more colorful and exciting because of the little angles that heaven blessed them with. It is a new chapter for Mar and Korina – a chapter that is more purpose-driven, one that is full of love and laughter, which they will enjoy for years to come.