Juggling showbiz and politics is more fun for Heart Evangelista

The first lady of Sorsogon, Heart Evangelista, is getting used to juggling her daily schedule between her life as an actress and fashion icon and now as wife of Sorsogon governor and former senator Chiz Escudero.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero is the face of Thiocell

Heart Evangelista-Escudero is the face of Thiocell

“I guess that’s how life is for me now,” she said during the press do at Ibarra on Timog where she was introduced to members of the press as the face on Thiocell. “In fact, I am leaving for Sorsogon tomorrow (Friday) because I have some things to do there, and at the same time be with my husband.”

She said that even if her husband officially becomes governor of Sorsogon on the first day of July, she has started several projects that date back to the days when she and Chiz were married. “Some of them I am just continuing, and some I have started, so I am happy that the people of Sorsogon are glad that there’s someone they see who’s working along with the governor-elect.”

Heart is also busy with her commitments in show business. At present, she’s among the Starstruck Council along with Cherie Gil and Jose Manalo. “When I’m in Manila, I make sure I fulfill my commitments. I am glad GMA Network is very understanding and the people behind my shows in the network make sure my schedule fits in theirs.”

She is also set to fly again to China for her first international film. “I have to stay there for perhaps four months, so I need to finish everything before I leave in September. I won’t be allowed to go home, so whatever it is that I need to do, I’ve got to do it soon.”

GMA is also planning a new series that will star Heart. “Yes, but that might not happen this year yet. Early next year is more like it.”

Thiocell makes her glow from the inside, claims Heart Evangelista

Thiocell makes her glow from the inside, claims Heart Evangelista

As for having babies after her miscarriage, the actress said, “I had a very traumatic experience with my first pregnancy that’s why I am not keen on becoming pregnant this soon. But, who knows? If that happens, then I should be ready for it. Right now, there’s two kids in the house and I am happy being mommy to them.”

Also, Thiocell, she said, is something that was introduced to her by a friend last year, is to her like candy that she can take at any time of the day. She said, “Thiocell is a complete body health supplement which is what I need most. It’s also the only glutathione in lozenge form that makes it easily absorbed by my body so it helps me glow effortlessly.”

Director and COO of Brady Pharma, T. K. Rameash, said Thiocell’s optimal absorption in the body sets it apart from the rest of the glutathione available in the market today. He said, “The grape-flavored lozenge is dissolved in the oral cavity and can be consumed safely. All the active ingredients enter the systemic circulation intact, and that ensures highest efficacy. “ 

Heart is happy to be considered as the first endorser of the brand. Brady Pharma’s Rameash could only say that she is the embodiment of what Thiocell is all about,