Philippine-based 8ONE is big in Belgium
Daiana Menezes

Daiana Menezes

Brazilian TV host, singer and actress Daiana Menezes  leads the Philippine-based music group 8ONE as they performed at Vestiville in Kristal Park, Lommel, Belgium on 28-30 June.
The world renowned Vestiville is the premier hip hop and urban music festival in Europe. It is mounted by the same people behind Amsterdam’s Vestival.
“This is our first international show and we are very excited to perform alongside world famous acts such as Cardi B, Migos, ASAP Rocky, Future, Tory Lanez, Lil Baby, Lil Pump and many more!” said Daiana, the face of 8ONE that brings international flavor here and to other countries.
The group, composed of rapper, singer and songwriter Tommie King, music producer singer Ryan Klos, and Daiana, only started in January and already have hit singles including “Back To The Crib,” November,” and “Low”.
8ONE’s first two releases, “Low” and “Back to the Crib” are available on Spotify as well as other streaming platforms. Both songs have also been featured on local radio with “Back To The Crib” landing at no.1 debut on the Top 8 at 8 for Wave 89.1 as well as “Low” being played on 89.9 and 99.5 as well as 105.9.  “Low” featuring DJ Luane got over 150,000 Spotify streams within a month.
“8ONE songs are all about good vibes and bringing happiness and joy as you listen,” says Tommie King, who does the most writing in the group with everyone collaborating.
8ONE is mixing genres and making their songs suitable for every age group. Because the members are of different nationalities, they hope to unite the listeners as one and end discrimination of what’s cool and what isn’t.
“We look forward to continuing our impressive start,” concluded Daiana.