Groundbreaking hair treatment from Ricky Reyes

Just when everyone thinks the name Ricky Reyes is about to fade to oblivion, the beauty and hair guru comes up with another groundbreaking innovation.

Ricky Reyes launched a new hair treatment he calls Str8Xpress, a hair straightening procedure that takes only one hour compared to the four-hour rebonding, and also at a cheaper cost

Ricky Reyes launched a new hair treatment he calls Str8Xpress, a hair straightening procedure that takes only one hour compared to the four-hour rebonding, and also at a cheaper cost

Last week, Mader Ricky, as he is fondly known among fellow hairdressers and showbiz media, launched Star8xpress, a new generation treatment product resulting in a much more glorious straight hair minus the long wait, or lesser waiting time to process. 

This new and amazing will be available at all Gandang Ricky Reyes (GRR) Salons. Also, Reyes is all set to put new hair salons exclusively for Star8xpress services.

Said Reyes, “After long and extensive research and development in collaboration with my hair science partners abroad, we are now ready to give our clients another dream solution to their problems. With our new Str8 Xpress services, which will soon be available to the public, this novel hair straightening solution will prove to be time-efficient and cost effective, cutting processing time from four hours to just an hour and without costing you an arm and a leg, so to speak. Our service price for Str8 Xpress ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 pesos”.

He added, “I would like to say that, having a long, soft and bouncy straight hair need not be expensive. With our new technique, you can say goodbye to hair rebond. Str8 Xpress guarantees that you can move in style and walk with confidence.”

Reyes said this knowing that life in the city with the advances in technology, specifically information technology, has become faster than ever. “People from all over are now, in fact, living in the IT (information technology) age where the rule of the day is ‘fast’,” he quipped.

Reyes recalled those days when rebonding was still new in the hairdressing business. And even before that, he said, women already had issues with curly or kinky hair. “That’s why salons all over the country offered services to give women straight hair.

Those straightening treatment services, unfortunately and more often than not, resulted in damaging the hair and even the scalp. 

When rebonding was made available at Gandang Ricky Reyes (GRR) Salons, it became an instant hit and women started queuing up at GRR Salons. The process though was long and some clients would be uneasy and bored sitting through a 4 to 5 hour-treatment procedure. 

But with Reyes’ clients, the results of hair were simply amazing. Clients would not mind coughing up a big sum for the steep price of each treatment and  enduring the agonizing 4 to 5 hours processing time. The price of hair rebonding then ranged from P4 to 5 thousand pesos for the service.

Yet, it was the only way to straighten curly and kinky hair.

Later in the years that followed, Reyes would closely collaborate with a hair laboratory overseas to address other hair problems. He would consequently introduce HairReborn, HairShining, Soft Wave and Cryo Treatment. These unique treatments yielded good results, earning for the GRR Salons the moniker  “hair clinic” that solves all sorts of hair problems.

Truly an innovator and a trendsetter, I remember when Mader Ricky introduced Crazy Colors in the country in the early 80’s. It was a huge hit that celebrities took to wearing colors on their tresses – Sharon Cuneta, Pops Fernandez, Helen Gamboa, Nadia Montenegro and Amy Perez – among them. 

And didn’t hair rebonding become a byword among women in the late 90s till today?

Reyes demonstrated how quick curly hair is transformed to straight hair in just an hour during the launch of the service. Models sashayed their new look for members of the press after a sumptuous lunch.

And Mader Ricky couldn’t hide his excitement over the new product that is made from rice grains. He even told an anecdote about how in the olden days in China when girls with curly or wavy hair wanted to have straight hair, their mothers would prepare congee and use it to relax the girls’ hair. It was something that struck me, but perhaps true as we saw the transformation of the two models during the launch.

Ryes is excited that he again is able to pioneer and offer this unique hair treatment to his clients. 

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