Dr. Maureen Nacu-Castillo makes celebrities smile better

In countries, like the Philippines, where straight, white teeth are part of the ideal standards of beauty that celebrities are required to maintain healthy choppers. One dentist that takes care of the teeth of singers like Julie Anne San Jose and Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms is Dr. Maureen Nacu-Castillo. 

Jugs Jugueta of Itxhyworms with Dr. Maureen Nac-Castillo

Jugs Jugueta of Itxhyworms with Dr. Maureen Nac-Castillo

Doc Maureen, as she more popularly known among her patients, has been in dentistry for close to two decades.

A graduate of dentistry at University of the East (in Manila), she has taken advance courses in dentistry to further her knowledge. She took up Comprehensive Implant Dentistry and trained in both Implant Dentistry and Implant Prosthetic in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan.

She also attended Esthetic Continuum Porgram at University of California in Lost Angeles (UCLA). And in March next year, she will present her clinical case at New York University (NYU) where she’s attending Advanced Interantional Educational Program on Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation.

Her portfolio is becoming even more impressive as she completes a yearlong course at the prestigious Dawson Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida under Peter E. Dawson, one of the most influential clinicians, apart from being a teacher in the history of Dentistry.

“I am a stickler to the belief that it is my professional obligation to constantly learn, be updated and improve in this fast-changing world of dental medicine,” Doc Maureen quipped. 

As a Dawson dentist, she was taught how to never take shortcuts when it comes to dealing with her patients especially when it comes to addressing their dental problems, thus earning something the respect of her patients that include beauty queens like Miss International Bea Rose Santiago, sports executive and basketball coach Alfrancis Chua, among others.

 “When a patient comes to me, I check both the biological stability of their oral cavity and the occlusal (bite) stability, among others,” she said.

Her method includes taking 21 series of photos of her patient’s teeth and a comprehensive X-Ray before she creates a treatment plan. “It’s a comprehensive procedure to check the status of the patient’s oral health. I get 21 series of photos of the patient’s teeth and face, a complete series of X-Ray and a diagnostic cast of patient’s upper and lower teeth mounted on adjustable articulator to analyze the bite,” she explained.

This means that a patient will have to get examined then return after a few days for the treatment plan.

 “This is why I take a day to examine them and then they come back for treatment unless it’s an emergency situation. I take it upon myself to be as meticulous as possible because they deserve no less,” she said.

 “When you come to me, don’t just come to get whiter teeth, come to me because you want a healthy oral cavity,” she added.

Doc Maureen said she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity dentist though she admits that she does have a considerable celebrity clientele, all of whom come from recommendations from her previous patients.

 “I don’t advertise myself a lot. I get a lot of my patients from word-of-mouth and if they do posts on social media about me, it’s of their own volition and I’m very thankful for it,” she explained. This is also a measure, which confirms that she has earned the loyalty of her clientele.

Singer Julie Anne San Jose, meanwhile, initially came for veneers which prompted Doc Maureen to ask, “Why do you want veneers?” and she realized it was because of the standards celebrities need to uphold and that includes super white teeth.

 “I always caution my patients before they do something irreversible with their teeth and that includes veneers because porcelain veneers mutilate the teeth structure (though there are less invasive veneer procedures available),” she said.

She explained that while she is not against veneers (she has used veneers in some cases to correct bite problems) but what is more important to her is to make sure that before putting on veneers, a person’s whole masticatory system must have no problems that needs to be addressed first. Veneers are not just about creating beautiful smile, it should also restore the function of natural teeth.

Daoc Maureen with another patient, singer/actor Julie Anne San Jose

Daoc Maureen with another patient, singer/actor Julie Anne San Jose

 “So she came to me for veneers then I examined her and told her that her teeth look good, it’s just that there’s an imperfection with the bite,” she explained.

Julie Anne had to put on braces and had to commit to come to her clinic in Antonia Mansion in Banawe, Quezon City to get them adjusted before getting her veneers. She has been a client of Dr. Maureen for more than five years now. 

Meanwhile, Jugs initially came to her because he chipped his tooth and needed an emergency dental procedure because he had a shoot the next day. He was so happy with his procedure that he posted about it on his Instagram account.

Jugs’ wife and Itchyworms are now her regulars.

 “When people ask me, ‘do you want to be known as a celebrity dentist?’ I tell them I want to be known as a ‘complete dentist’ whose primary goal is to give my patients a healthy oral cavity,” she said.

 (Ortho Dental Clinic is located at Unit 4-C Antonia Mansion 690 Banawe st. Quezon City. For inquiries, call 742-1108 or 0917 804 2522 or email at dr.mnc@yahoo.com.)