Ser Chief is back as Leon in ’Kadenang’

After a nine-month leave from show business, Kapamilya fans are rejoicing their beloved Ser Chief is back on the boob tube.

Richard Yap joins Beauty Gonzales and Dimples Romana in the hit daytime soap  Kadenang Ginto

Richard Yap joins Beauty Gonzales and Dimples Romana in the hit daytime soap Kadenang Ginto

Richard Yap endeared to millions of female Kapamilya fans when he starred with Jodie Sta. Maria in the daytime serial Be Careful With My Heart as the widower/businessman Richard Lim whom Sta. Maria’s character pleasingly addressed as “Sir Chief.” Prior to that, fans have also called him “Papa Chen” when he played father, Chen Sy, to Kim Chiu’s character in My Binondo Girl.

Richard Yap is glad he’s back in show business

Richard Yap is glad he’s back in show business

Today, his fans can swoon once more as he appears in Kadenang Ginto’s new chapter with the rivalry between Romina (Beauty Gonzales) and Daniela (Dimples Romana) getting more intense and at times violent. The two warring beauties meet Leon (a shady character) and will spark a new round of verbal tirades between them that oftentimes end in some physical jousting.

In a chat after the press conference of the show last Friday, Yap said he was flabbergasted to know that he had been offered a part in Kadenang Ginto and what was surprising, he added, it came right after the elections. (Yap was an also ran congressional candidate in Cebu during the midterm elections.)

He recalled that he had only two taping days before the press conferences, “So, kinakapa ko pa ang role ko saseries.” But, in describing his character, he said, “It is something mysterious, It’s perhaps grey in nature, not really very dark, and not too white. I think what the writers are thinking is to provide the show a bit of puzzling shade so they’d continue to watch out for it.”

Answering netizens’ guess that he’s supposed to be Robert Mondragon (played by Albert Martinez) that seemed to have died in an accident, Richard said, “No, that wasn’t what the writers told me. Leon is a totally new character.”

Richard is clueless about his character’s relationship with either Romina or Daniela. “I will definitely know as in the future taping sessions,” he said. “Thus far, I have only worked in several scenes with Beauty (Romina). I have not done any scenes yet with Dimples (Daniela).”

Richard is sort of at ease with Beauty. (We’re both Cebuanos. She’s from Dumaguete and I am from Cebu, so we are able to communicate easily since we speak the same dialect. You, know beauty is childlike. She laughs easily, even if the jokes I tell are I think corny, yet she still giggles. And at times during take she’d warn me, ‘Wag mo akong patawanin.’ You know that could disrupt the momentum of the scene.”

How does he handle the Jodi-Richard fans that seem to be very possessive of the love team. H said, “I even got this suggestion that I should make a cameo in Sino Ang May Sala? Hahaha…that’s funny. But I know that they understand that Jodie and I have separate projects and that we can’t be together in projects all the time.

Meanwhile, the Daniela and Romina memes on social media continue to multiply. Dimples just can’t get over it. During the press do, she was so pepped up that she was just babbling about the memes and saying how far had she gone. She even has a social explanation to them, saying that they are saying how resilient we Filipinos are.

In the series, Romina seized the fortune Daniela inherited from Robert who died. And the latter is determined to rebuild the empire she lost, perhaps with the help of Leon.

The question now is, where will the battle between the two Mondragons lead them. Will Leon help? Or will he add to the already chaotic situation between the two?

With the new season beginning this week, excitement for the show on social media has exploded. The trailer for the show’s newest chapter has already earned 3.8 million views, and is a breeding ground for memes, where Daniela is shown walking and wearing a red dress with a matching red luggage. 

Since the series started airing in October 2018, Kadenang Gintohas kept viewers glued to their TV screens every afternoon, hitting an all-time high national TV rating of 27.3 percent, according to Kantar Media --- a feat for an afternoon series.

The show also helped launched into stardom teen idols Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, Seth Fedelin, and Andrea Brillantes, who are now known as The Gold Squad. Their popularity and success have also reached online as their YouTube channel recently received the Silver Creator Award after reaching 100,000 subscribers. The channel currently has more than 500,000 subscribers.