James Reid leaves Viva; Alden's new look

 James Reid Viva star no more

Seven year itch was what Filipino Australian star James Reid had that led to his leaving Viva Artists Agency.

James Reid is no longer with Viva

James Reid is no longer with Viva

Reid’s former management agency has not released an official statement regarding his leaving and becoming a freelance.

According to Reid’s camp, his father, Robert Malcolm Reid, is now in charge of the business affairs of his son.

Reid’s showbiz career picked up four years after he became the Big Winner in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash in 2010. That was when Viva signed him and gave him an assignment as lead actor in the teen movie called Ang Diary ng Panget with his now girlfriend Nadine Lustre.

Showbiz vultures are watching the moves of Reid and where will he go with no contract with Viva.

Will Star Magic take him, or will the Kapamilya agency take deference to Viva and not make any move without Reid’s former agency’s go signal? It’s going to be a complicated life for Reid. He knows, Philippine show business is a small world after all.

                                                Alden Richard’s new look

Many are asking if Alden Richard’s new look is “organic,” meaning, he hadn’t submitted to invasive cosmetological procedures.

Before dieting this was AldenRichards

Before dieting this was AldenRichards

If you take a look at his before-and-after photos, you’d know, unless you are a blind follower that thinks of Alden as the boy-next-door type and doesn’t need cosmetic procedures to achieve his look now.

I always pass by EDSA on my way to Mandaluyong or Makati and I see a couple of Belo Skin billboards along the way with the actor’s before-and-after photos. Some say that he just underwent a non-invasive procedure called Ulthera Plus. But I did read up on it, and it can help with anti-aging, skin tightening and it will take 3 -6 months before one can see the results. 

After his diet and ultherapy Prime sessions, this how Alden looks

After his diet and ultherapy Prime sessions, this how Alden looks

Korina Sanchez, before she had her twins, Pepe and Pilar, underwent the same treatment, and it did have positive results on her.

But, in Alden’s case, perhaps the Belo group did something else to make sure the face of Alden looks nearly perfect. Did the actor go through a procedure to enhance his nose, chin and create a perfect jawline?

Belo is not saying, and Richards is just saying he went through an intensive diet. I didn’t know diet could alter a physiognomy. Maybe you can lose the fat, but the bone structure will definitely remain.