Radio’s three o’clock habit

In my youth, afternoons were the time our helps listened to their favorite radio soap operas while preparing snacks, or while others were ironing clothes.

It seemed radio has taken a different route these days, and I mean the stations we normally listened to on the AM band. Soap operas are no longer a programming staple of these radio stations.

Take, for one, DZMM, which has Todo Todo Walang Preno, a magazine format hosted by Ariel Ureta and Winnie Cordero.

Winnie Cordero and Ariel Ureat are your companions Monday to Friday 3 p.m on DZMM

Winnie Cordero and Ariel Ureat are your companions Monday to Friday 3 p.m on DZMM

At a presscon last Thursday at a room near the hotel’s pool, Ariel and Winnie both agreed that they didn’t know that the show would even get noticed by listeners. “It’s the dead hour, as we call it in broadcasting,” the one-time noontime show host (Twelve O’clock High) said. But as the show went on, it was even ranking higher than most shows on the same medium in the same time slot.

I remember Ariel then as host of the noontime show he uttered in jest “Sa ika-uunlad ng bayan, bisikleta ang kailangan.” That was in 1973, if I remember right, and that was the time Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was passionate about instilling discipline among the Filipinos. Ariel was rumored to have been reprimanded (after being invited to Malacañan) and was asked to say the slogan correctly, “Sa ika-uunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan.”

Now, Ariel seemed to have accepted the ever changing and ever evolving show business. Where once he was the toast of the town, the millenials have a vague idea who he had been in the business during their parents younger years.

The comedian is glad, though, that the network he went to when he left his work as creative director at a multinational advertising agency had taken him back and gave him a show on the radio. (He is also doing the early morning show Umagang Kay Ganda) with, again, Todo Todo co-host Winnie Cordero.

The program has popular segments like “Sabi ng Lolo Ko,” where Ariel talks about positive Filipino values like respect for elders and love for country and “WinWin Solutions,” where Winnie is able to share tips and practical solutions to usual problems of mothers like her.

Also favorites are “Todo-Todo Kuro Kuro” and “Todo Kwentuhan Kasama Ang Mga Sikat,” where their great personalities and experience in broadcasting shine even more as they take on a variety of topics from showbiz to family issues.

“We work hard to give our audience new perspectives every day and with every year that passes. We strive to keep them interested, because even our loyal listeners will get bored if we become repetitive with our messages, however beautiful and positive these may be,” Ariel said.

Winnie added that they remain inspired to deliver joy and new knowledge to Filipinos. “The time spent on sharing my insights, to be a giver of news and information and spread laughter and humor to our audience everyday, is my precious privilege.”

Winnie admitted that she’s still adjusting to the show’s new look. “I’ve gotten used to the radio-studio set up. Now, were like on a TV set, we don’t do anything except sit and interact with each other and the guests. I am used to doing things by myself in a radio studio. Now, that set up is gone, and we’re on with this studio-like set up.”

Ariel doesn’t mind as he had been on TV previously. He also said he misses acting (he has appeared in several movies, including the iconic Zoom, Zoom Superman and Si Popeye atbp. He was last seen in Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel (2012) “Gusto ko (to act), eh wala pang offer,” he said.

Ariel Ureta and Winnie Cordero’s Todo-Todo Walang Preno airs Monday to Friday at 3 pm on DZMM and DZMM Teleradyo.

‘Good Job,’ Danny and Rica

Just like Ariel and Winnie, DZMM’s new tandem of Danny Buenafe and Rica Lazo are eager to serve Filipinos through their show Good Job,” which aims to help Filipinos ensure the future of their families through helping them find jobs that are suitable to their skills and needs, and giving them information that will equip them in achieving and sustaining a good status in life. 

Rica Lazo and Danny Buenafe tell about Good Job every Saturday, 2 p.m on DZMM

Rica Lazo and Danny Buenafe tell about Good Job every Saturday, 2 p.m on DZMM

Danny Buenafe is a Kapamilya news legend who served as news bureau chief of ABS-CBN in the Middle East and Europe. His partner Rica, is no pushover as well, as one of the few ABS-CBN anchors who are present in multiple platforms. Currently, she is part of both DZMM and ANC.

According to Danny, he is able to use the network he has built in his decades of experience as a broadcast journalist in gathering and reporting information on job vacancies and opportunities here and abroad. Rica added they will also be interviewing and featuring people from relevant government agencies, various industries, and local officials to help them in their advocacy.

The two believe that the program, which is airing for just over a month now, will be instrumental in helping Filipinos give a better life to their families.

Rica shared, “With all our responsibilities, we can no longer be complacent. If you are looking for opportunities, tips, and inspiration to keep you motivated at work, this is the program for you.”

 “As time goes by, the program will give hope to our fellowmen. It will give them options as to where their talents and skills will truly shine, and where they will also be paid well, added Danny.

Danny Buenafe and Rica Lazo’s Good Job airs Saturdays, 2 pm on DZMM TeleRadyo and DZMM Radyo Patrol 630.

You can also watch both shows online on iWant or listen to audio streaming aon

There are many reasons why ABS-CBN’s flagship AM radio station DZMM, now celebrating its 33rd anniversay, has remained on top. One of these is its combination of insightful, relevant, and informative discussions and its desire to serve the public, which are both always present in its programs.

Like the anchors of Todo-Todo, which is a hit not only among its listeners and viewers but also with award-giving bodies. It recently won Best Variety Program for Radio at the 27th KBP Golden Dove Awards. 

DZMM also won Best AM Radio Station at the recent 2nd Animo Media Choice Awards.

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