Bold and daring success of a Heart Evangelista fan

Ghie Pangilinan is just an avid fan of Heart Evangelista. Her eyes are always glued on the telly, always watching out Heart’s presence. She is also always updated on Heart’s personal life. And, guess what, she supports almost all of her idol’s endorsements.

Ghie Pangilinan is an avowed Heart Evangelista fan

Ghie Pangilinan is an avowed Heart Evangelista fan

Ghie, though, has her own dreams and goals. And Heart is a big part of it being as she feels that she is a strong influencer, especially in running a business.

Ghie’s character is one that we can call bold and daring after all of the challenges of life she hurdled for her were simply as she says “piece of cake.” 

Do you know that now Ghie is a successful online seller? And another thing, she is in fact a millionaire.

Ghie’s story can inspire countless of women who are hopeless about realizing their dreams.

Ghie Pangilinan is a 38-year old mother of four. She is the eldest in a brood of three.

And while tracking all the ‘what’s ups’ in the life of her idol Heart, Ghie didn’t give up to strive harder and to have a good life.

It was year 2003 when Ghie started to face the hurdles and obstacles of life. Pregnant with her first baby when she got married with a seaman, she was left to care for her first born alone.

It was what millenials call an LDR or Long Distance Relationship (LDR) and it was really hard for both of them, but they also thought that was necessary so they can save for the future of their family.

In 2004, using the money she was able to save, Ghie tried going into her first business. She sold hamburgers and at a small store she opened at the front of her house.

The following year, although her capital was not that big, she Ghie opened a telemarketing business but unfortunately after how many months, all of these businesses went kaput. She was saddled with unpaid loans from friends and families.

She then worked at Pure Gold Supermarket and in 2009 attempted to move to London but didn’t get a visa. She also tried finding work in Duba, UAE but after two months she was back in Manila.

That time, online businesses were thriving. Ghie bought different products in Divisoria, like gadgets, baby products, clothes and slippers and tried selling them online, but again, she failed losing all hers savings.

In 2013, Ghie saw the opportunity to try another business. It was election year, so she tried to sell election-related t-shirts. She even rented a van so she could sell the shirts in the city. Another unfortunate incident in her life, she got hoodwinked and didn’t earn any, losing huge amount of money.

Yet, Ghie saw a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

She and her sister discovered rejuvenating skin care products. They both thought of re-branding it to become their own product. They called it Speaks G. They started the new business with only P7,000 as initial investment and luckily, this started it all.

After years of struggle, Ghie is now a successful online marketer of her own line of beauty products

After years of struggle, Ghie is now a successful online marketer of her own line of beauty products

At this point, Lady Luck has met Ghie. Her husband and her sister came home and worked Then Ghie would face another challenge when a strong competitor stepped into the industry that affected their sales. Because of this, some of their branches closed down in a short span of time.

“Masakit at nakakalungkot ang nangyari pero walang sukuan. Ang sabi nga, no guts, no glory,” Ghie said.

This time, Ms. Ghie seems to play her cards right when they eventually became a distributor of a big skin care brand. And just like any other businesses, it had challenges. The business had a roller coaster ride but despite all the hurdles. Ghie stood still and focused on her business.

In 2015 Ghie was introduced to a skin care products manufacturer where terms and consignment deal was so flexible.

With the help of her family and a strong support from her husband, after a few months, they started to call their new skin care product, Skin Magical.

At first, they found it hard to sell their new product, but because of their diligence, Skin Magical became their key to success.

In 2016, Skin Magical had become a household name in skin and beauty industry. She brought back Speaks G product paid their debts and bought vans and trucks for the company.

And finally, they also acquired their very own house and lot.

In August 2018, Ghie faced another. Her sister died of Aneurysm. Her passing saddened Ghie, but it also strengthened her to keep the business they both helped thrive when she was still alive thriving.

Today, Ghie and her family are helping those