Netfilx streams The Emperor Owner of the Mask

I am an HD (high definition) TV fan. It’s not the wave of the future in TV…it is what TV should be. In the US, even free TV channels (Like ABC, NBC, ABC, PBS) broadcast shows in HD. I just can’t understand why local networks can’t seem to migrate from SD (standard definition) to HD…well ABS-CBN has already an HD telecast of its free TV channel (channel 2) on SKY which allows viewers to see the shows (and the characters and other elements in lifelike images).

With television monitors now adopting the flat screen format, it is necessary for free TV channels to broadcast in HD, otherwise the images are all distorted.

I saw this Korean dramaThe Emperor Ruler of the Mask on GMA 7 (in SD) while I was surfing my TV and I told myself that if it was telecast in HD it would look great. Curious about the show, I pressed Netflix on my smart TV and there I looked for the show and discovered it was available for streaming with another title (The Emperor Owner of the Mask). I realized later (after googling the title) that GMA used the literal English translation of the Korean title.

Anyway, I binged watched it so I could keep pace with the GMA telecast. And just as I thought, the series was really worth watching every episode of it. (It has 20 episodes.)

The dramatic confrontation between the Crown Prince and the fake King was one of the best I have seen yet in Korean drama (and several notches above Philippine drama).

The Emperor Owner of the Mask stars Yooo Seung-ho and Kim So-hyun

The Emperor Owner of the Mask stars Yooo Seung-ho and Kim So-hyun

One more thing, while each episode can stand as a full episode with a beginning, climax, and ending, it is necessary in understanding the succeeding episode. And the story arc of the entire 20 episodes is focused on the characters of the real Crown Prince, the fake King and the villains that proper the plot to its proper climax.

The show shows the Korean character of loyalty, love for the people and at the same time, the greed of some individuals to gain power or wrest power from legitimately installed leaders.

The South Korean television series starring Yoo Seung-hoKim So-hyunKim Myung-sooYoon So-heeHeo Joon-ho and Park Chul-minwas originally broadcast in May- June 2017. And its picture format is 1080i  (HDTV).


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