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Interesting title, unexciting storyline

The film has an interesting title, and I was imagining thriller, suspense, or quasi-medical drama. No, the film is nothing of that kind. It’s no more than a teen melodrama about a teenager, Norma (played by ABS-CBN star Sue Ramirez) who manifests symptoms similar to anemia or leukemia but a doctor (played by John Lapus) pronounces her free of those conditio

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Netfilx streams The Emperor Owner of the Mask

The South Korean television series starring Yoo Seung-hoKim So-hyunKim Myung-sooYoon So-heeHeo Joon-ho and Park Chul-minwas originally broadcast in May- June 2017. And its picture format is 1080i  (HDTV).

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Eerie on Netflix and Showbuzz

Seeing the movie’s title among the list of movie available for streaming on Netflix stirred my curiousity. Eerie, released by Star Cinema and directed by Mikhail Red, seemed prepped to be a hit. Well, not a big hit, it was, but it did stay a couple of weeks in cinemas, thanks to the effective promotions by the film company's TV network.

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